Growing spiritually doesn’t happen when we know what Jesus says. It happens when we apply what he says. Application happens best within the context of community. To grow spiritually, you have to be connected relationally. Look at our existing opportunities for you to grow spiritually and sign up to get your faith in action

Everything has a beginning. Every person, every idea, every journey starts somewhere including our faith. Wondering about God, Jesus, or the Bible? You’re not alone. This is a friendly casual environment to explore faith.

In SBC, water baptism is only for a person who has believed in the Lord Jesus Christ. If you have not done so, sign up for this class to understand the meaning and practice of baptism to believers.

You are about to embark on one of the most exciting journey of the foundation of your faith and what it means to be a Christian. This guide is specifically for new believers and can be a refresher course for old believers.

ORIENTATION guide (Membership)
SBC is a place to connect relationally and a place to find the encouragement to move forward together as a family because that’s how God created us. This guide is specifically for believers wish to belong in SBC family.

Spiritual Habits are necessary for Christian growth because we are called to live our life bearing Christ’s characters. This guide is specifically for believers who are assured of their salvation & looking forward to be more like Christ.

God created each of us uniquely to do works that best expresses what God called us to be, so that the church may be built up. This guide is specifically to help believers understand their role in the church, discover their spiritual gifting and to start serving the Lord.

GOSPEL training
You are about to become an effective messenger of God’s Good News to other people regardless of where it leads. This guide is specifically for believers who would like to learn how to help others to know Jesus effectively.

This is a course by SEAN International for believers to study the life of Jesus Christ according to the Gospel of Matthew and the Acts of the Apostles. This is a self-study lessons for students to do at home and then to meet once a week for a group study with a leader.

Found your study? If you would like to sign up to know more about any of our classes, let us know and someone will be in touch with you to help you to take the next step in growing.