Wong Siew Mooi
Senior Pastor

Pastor Siew Mooi is the lead pastor of SBC and leading the SBC Chinese congregation. She was originally from Perak and has been serving full-time in SBC for over 20 years.

Khoo Keng Shiang
Chinese Pastor

Pastor Khoo is the Chinese pastor of SBC Sibuga congregation. He is married to Jing Kee who is a teacher and they have a daughter, Yin Lim and a son, Yin Ze.

Amos Eng
English Pastor

Pastor Amos is the English pastor of SBC. He is married to Tina who is serving full-time as a principal for SBC Kindergarten ministry and they have a daughter, Abigail.

Meet our Council leaders
Chairman: Khoo Khi Fah @Terence

Vice Chairman: Chan Kok Fui

Secretary: Yuen Chei Wing @James

Treasurer: Chong Lai Lian @Jessie

Members: Benjamin Fung Siew Khiong, Chan Wai Hung, Chang Kian Wai, Khoo Eyen, Tan Kah Bin, Tom Cheong Jun Wah, Wong Sui Yin @Peter

Auditor: See Yu Hock, Charles Chen Nyuk Fui